About Products

We offer tables for board games and RPGs. Our tables are made with the utmost care for details. Each of them undergoes factory quality and workmanship control.

Our product solves a number of typical problems for players, such as losing game elements, night lighting of the playing area, gives the possibility of the so-called “saving the game state” and finding a sufficiently large playing area for more demanding titles. We give the possibility of extending the table with attachments for players, dice towers, drink holders or RGB LED lighting in aluminum covers with a remote control. The tables of our brand are characterized by extended functionality, aesthetics, modern design and great reliability! We focus mainly on tables that allow for a smooth transition between a traditional table and a gaming table.

For individual orders, we make tables with the possibility of extending the top for everyday use. We can extend the top by an additional 60 cm. For wooden tables, we install our author’s system of rails under the box (made entirely of wood), to which the guides with the supports of the upper tabletop are dedicated. The top and the guides are completely independent elements that can be easily stored in the table or in a dedicated block for table tops. The option of extending the tops is available only in tables made of solid wood. We offer tables made of native hardwood species such as Beech, Ash and Oak.

We also have access to exotic wood. Species such as Wenge, Mahogany, Jatoba, Merbau and many others. We carry out orders for the most demanding customers.



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