Normal table extension to convert a normal table into a gaming table. The size of the outline is 110cm x 160cm, the playing area is 90cm x 140cm. Made of 18mm furniture board. Edges covered with veneer 2mm thick. Suitable for tables with a maximum table top size of 95cm x 145cm. The product comes with positioning strips (for self-assembly), preventing the overlay from moving. We also include a set of self-adhesive felts for self-sticking from the bottom of the overlay to prevent scratching of the top.

price: 650 PLN

Handmade Game Master’s D&D themed veil made of pine wood. External patterns milled, then poured with epoxy resin with red pigment. Internal pins on strong magnets. The screen is equipped with a shelf for bones, pens or a tablet.

price: 450 PLN

Box for players for 6 sets of dice for RPG games. The motif of the lid is D&D permanently burned into the wood. The box has been veneered with natural oak. All elements are spray-painted in multiple layers, both from the outside and from the inside. The bottom is lined with a maroon fabric. In addition to dice slots, the box also has a pen/pencil cutout

price: 250 PLN

Tacka na kości o wymiarach 30cm x 30cm. Wykonana z drewna, fornirowana, olejowana.

price: 80 PLN

Dice tower, made of wood, lined with fabric, oiled. It has three ramps. Dimension 24cm x 11cm, height 25cm.

price: 150 PLN



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